Psalm 89

Psalm 89 is a great story of God’s creation and promises.  The writer points out so much about God’s design and is “forever telling how faithful you are…never quit telling the story”.  Are you telling people about God’s faithfulness?  The psalmist goes on to say “Let the cosmos praise your wonderful ways….faithful ways….you’ll find nothing and no one quite like God”.  Do you realize just how awesome our God is?  He is “powerful and faithful from every angle”.  He carefully and thoughtfully created it all.  The writer points out just how wonderful God is.  And catch this: “You own the cosmos – you made everything in it, everything from the atom to the archangel”.  Have you considered that truth before?  That God made each and every detail.  From the smallest item to the largest – He made them all.  And He had a plan – a very detailed and specific plan.

But next the psalmist goes on to talk about the those who understand God and all that He has done.  “Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise…they know who You are, what You do – they can’t keep it quiet”.  Do you know the passwords of praise?  Can you keep quiet about God and all He has done?  We shouldn’t be able to.  We should explode with praise to God for all He has done.  We should be overwhelmed with His goodness.  And this chapter tells us just how deep God’s love was for David – “I’ll keep my hand steady on him…..stick with him through thick and thin….with him for good… him forever”.  Can you imagine God feeling like that about you?  He does.  He loves each of us deeply.  And the chapter goes on to tell us what God says will happen if David’s children refuse to do what God says: “I’ll rub their faces in the dirt of their rebellion and make them face the music.  But I’ll never throw them out, never abandon or disown them”.  What a promise.  God will hold them accountable.  If there is disobedience, they will be corrected.  But they will always be loved.  That is how God will deal with us as well.  He can’t tolerate rebellion but He also will always love us.  Key to all of this is this sober reality for those who chose to make a decision not to trust Him – “there’s no back door out of hell”.  As much as God loves us – this one thing He will not and cannot change.  We will face the result of our decision regarding obedience and ultimately Jesus grace on the cross.  We either make the decision to walk with God or we will spend eternity without Him.  Don’t miss this decision – time is of the essence.

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