Psalm 87

Psalm 87 is a short seven verses that begin and end very abruptly.  It seems it may be part of another Psalm maybe that got fragmented off.  But it gives us a glimpse into our God.  “He founded Zion” starts things off.  That is a reality we all need to get our arms around.  God and He alone created everything.  No one else – God Himself.  And we learn that “God loves His home”.  He didn’t just create a place He could exist.  He created a place He loves and someday, those who call upon the name of Jesus as Savior and Lord, will get to experience that home with Him.  What a glorious thought.  We will be with Him in His perfect home and it will become our eternal home.  Praise the Lord. What a joyful day that will be for those who know Jesus.  God’s creation of a home is far greater than any other. 

So what is the key to all this?  “This one was born again here”.  Have you been born again?  Have you experienced the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ that allows our sin to be removed so we can be born again?  That is our ticket to God’s eternal home.  That is the only way to get in.  When we develop that relationship with Jesus, scripture tells us that “God registers their names in His book”.  Is your name written in the Book?  I really hope it is.  If not, now is the time to make that decision and make sure your eternal landing place is God’s home.  You don’t want to spend eternity without Him.  He is the only real good option.  We need to be able to join the singers and dancers giving credit to Him: “all my springs are in you”.  God is our source of eternal life.  He provided the only way to eternity in His home – His Son Jesus Christ.  Don’t let another day go by without your name being written in the Book of Life.  There is no guarantee for tomorrow.  Get the most important decision of your life secure today!

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