Psalm 86

Psalm 86 gives us a glimpse of what a great relationship looks like with God.  The writer shows us how things can work:

–       “Bend me an ear  =  anwer me….I’m one miserable wretch

–       Keep me safe =  haven’t I lived a good live

–       Help your servant =  I’m depending on you

–       You’re my God =  have mercy on me

–       I count on you =  from morning to night

–       Give your servant a happy life  =  I put myself in your hands

–       I call on you  =  confident that you’ll answer

What a list of ways the writer has a relationship with God.  It is personal and real – and right down to the basics of where he lives.  God is there and with him.  What does your walk with God look like?  Are you connected like this?

 The psalmist goes on to give us a couple other things we should ask God for:

–       “Train me = to walk straight

–       Put me together  =  one heart and mind

The result of that relationship is thanksgiving and praise.  Why?  Because of God’s love – “what love”.  “You O God, are both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and you never, never quit”.  What a promise and picture of God.  He never gives up.  He is always there to love us.  The only variable is how we interact with Him.  Are you walking with God so He can pour His love on you?  Are you connected to the Father?

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