Psalm 85

Psalm 85 reminds us of how God related to His people.  It lists the ways He has interacted in the past and reminds us of His abundant love.  The psalmist remembers here.  Take a look at how God loves His people:

  1. You smiled
  2. You brought good times back
  3. You lifted the cloud of guilt
  4. You put their sins far out of sight
  5. You took back your sin-provoked threats
  6. You cooled your hot, righteous anger

God has been intimate with His people.  He wants to do these same things for you and me today.  So why don’t we always experience it?  For the same reason folks in the Bible didn’t – they walked out of relationship with God.  God stands ready to smile on us every moment.  But we forget He even exists too often.  We need to practice the presence of God – like Brother Andrew tells us to do.  We need tomake God front and center in life – to be continually in fellowship with Him.   That doesn’t mean we sit around and just talk with Him.  It means we take Him with us everywhere we go and continually involve Him in our moment by moment life.  It means He is part of what we are and do.

 The writer goes on to tell us to “make a fresh start”.  God is always ready for us to turn around – aka repent – and get right with Him.  And He stands ready to take action when we do.  If we are willing “then your people will laugh and sing”.  We will experience God and His goodness.  The writer lists the results of getting right and into relationship with God.  Check out this list:

  1. “Love
  2. Truth
  3. Right living
  4. Whole living
  5. Goodness
  6. Beauty
  7. Bounty
  8. Blessing

There is quite a list of really good things that happen when we get right with God.  He loves us.  He is waiting to bless our socks off.  The only variable is our willingness to come into that relationship and be obedient to Him.  Are you willing?  He is waiting…….

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