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Psalm 73

Psalm 73 is a chapter you should memorize and keep close at hand.  Here is a great description of the very essence of God.  This chapter is full of promises and wonderful truth about the Father, our Father.  Call it a comfort Psalm or a promise Psalm but David really tells us why God is so awesome if we only live in relationship with Him.  Check out how this chapter begins: “No doubt about it!  God is good”.  Wow – that really is all we need to know but there is so much more in this chapter.  David reminds us that God is good.  And here is part two of that truth.  He is good ALL THE TIME.  We need to really ponder this truth.  So often we fail to see God’s goodness.  David tells us why: “But I nearly missed it, missed seeing His goodness.  I was looking the other way, looking up to the people at the top, envying the wicked who have made it”.  He nails that one.  We are not paying attention to God’s touch in our lives.  We don’t recognize it because we are not looking for it.  We get focused on people and what we perceive they have rather than recognizing what we have been given freely by God.  It can appear that way.  It can seem like evil folks have it figured out and get all the good stuff.  That is not how it works, and even if it momentarily seems that way, it will be short lived.  We have to look for God’s touch.  It is everywhere, every day, every place we look.  But we do need to look.

 David tells us how to see the reality of God’s goodness in our life.  “Until I entered the sanctuary of God…..then I saw the whole picture”.  The enemy will deceive us into believing that good things happen because bad people scam the system.  Evil wins and gets all the good stuff.  That is the lie of the enemy.  David makes it clear that until we come into God’s presence – until we have that relationship where we are spending time in His presence and fellowshipping with Him – we just won’t get it.  We can’t see the whole picture until we turn our spiritual eyes on.  The enemy is the master deceiver.  We get sold a bill of goods and until we have spiritual discernment by being in the very presence of the Father, it will seem like the bad guys get the good stuff.  Not reality no matter what the enemy whispers in our ear and seems to show us.  David gives us the formula: “I’m still in your presence… wisely and tenderly lead me, and then you bless me”.  Do you see it?  God leads us and blesses us.  It is not a random thing. It is God.  Not sometimes, but always.  Blessing and goodness come from Him.  Period.  End of story.  We don’t make it happen, He does.  We don’t decide when and what – He does.  “God is rock firm and faithful”.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  God loves us, He leads us, He blesses us.  Print that out and put it on your refrigerator.  Our God is alive and well and touching our life moment by moment and day by day.  We just need to make sure we don’t miss it.  We need to make sure our eyes are not on those around us, but on the very source of every good and perfect gift, God Himself.  Are you focused there?   Are you in relationship with the One who gives us goodness?  No time like today to get into relationship and have your eyes opened to His very nature of love and blessing!

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