Psalm 64

David is having one of those days in Psalm 64.  The enemy is upon him and he is crying out to God for help and protection again.  He tells us he is “reduced to a whine….and a wimper…..obsessed with feelings of doomsday”.  Do you ever feel that way?  Like the world is just more than you can handle.  Like the enemy is all around and there is no place to run or take refuge.  It happens to all of us.  We first need to remember that there is a place for us to run and find refuge – God is always there and waiting for us to come to Him.  He wants us to bring our fears and overwhelmed life to Him.  He is in the business of providing “peace that passes all understanding” as His Word tells us in the new testament.  But we have to go to Him.  We have to carry our burdens to Him and then allow Him to take them off our shoulders and provide us rest.  David also tells us a bit about how the enemy works.  “Using their tongues as weapons….poison words”.  Do you consider the power of the tongue?  Far too many don’t.  We treat it way too casually as the tongue can be a terrible tool of destruction if it is not managed correctly.  It destroys if not controlled.  The enemy also will “shoot from ambush….shoot without warning”.  We won’t always see the attack coming – in fact the enemy will normally come at us when we least expect it.  We have to keep our guard up at all times.  The second we let it down, look out, cause here comes the attack.  But we do have an ally who knows where the attack will come from, and if we allow Him, “The God of the Arrow shoots”.  God can intervene and deal with the ambush if we are prayed up and walking in His protection. 

Do you pray for God’s hedge of protection in your life?  That is something I try to do every day.  I seek God’s hedge around my marriage, family, businesses, friends, church and many other areas.  I pray for it asking by name that God will protect and keep the enemy away.  I also ask that I will walk in God’s presence, because I know that the enemy cannot even approach if I am in the presence of the Almighty God.  There is no way for darkness to be where light is, so if I remain in the light and in God’s presence, the enemy cannot even get close.  He can fire the flaming arrows and try to catch me from the blind side, but if I am in God’s protection those will not get to me either.  David saw this at work.  “God’s work is the talk of the town”.  God is able to protect us, but we have to ask for his protection and remain under it.  Sometimes we choose to move away from God and what He will do and go it on our own.  We need to do our part to stay in His protection.  But another key is what we need to do once we recognize it: “Be glad, good people.  Fly to God.  Good hearted people, make praise your habit”.  Are you glad and giving praise when God keeps you safe?  Do you even tell Him thanks?  We take so much for granted.  I encourage you to make praise your habit.  Tell God just how much you love and appreciate what He does to keep you away from the plot of the enemy and the destruction that will happen if we aren’t in His care.  God is worthy of our praise.  Don’t miss telling Him another day!

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