Psalm 60

Psalm 60 captures David’s thoughts coming off the battlefield with the Edomites.  Joab had led David’s forces to kill 12,000 of the enemy but the battle is tiring and David is looking for God’s help.  During the reign of Saul and while David was being chased – it was a struggle with attacks from within and without.  There was no rest, no peace.  God is there, but David is dealing with continual attacks and is getting tired.  He feels abandoned, although that is certainly not the case.  So he calls for peace in his world, and requests God’s action to keep him safe.  “do something quickly…so the one you love best is saved”.  David is totally overwhelmed.  He is wrestling with his attitude and the difference between what he knows in his head and what he feels in his circumstances.  Isn’t that always the struggle?  We may know all about God in our mind, but when it comes down to actually putting that into action in how we live, we struggle with the reality of our current situation and trying to align those two things.  We can’t quite seem to make them line up.  That is where David is at. 

But things change and “that’s when God spoke in holy splendor”.  God has given them the victory as Joab wipes out a big batch of the enemy.  God is right there in the middle of it all.  It didn’t feel like it while David was going through it, but it certainly is the truth.  David gives us the reality of life here when he asks “give us help for the hard task, human help is worthless”.  This is the real world.  Man can do some things, but it is God who really is the only answer.  “In God we’ll do our very best, He’ll flatten the opposition for good”.  Man will give it a good attempt, but only God can truly deal with things for good.  Are you facing life’s struggles in your own strength?  Do you try and fix it on your own?  It won’t last, it won’t really work.  God alone is able to handle the battles of life.  We need to learn to go to him with our issues and concerns, and trust Him to lead us to the answer.  That doesn’t mean we just pray and forget about it.  But we need to pray first and then follow His direction in how to proceed.  He alone is worthy and able.  Our attempts as mere humans will never truly fix anything.  He alone is able.  We need to follow David’s example and run to Him!

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