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Psalm 59

David continues to wrestle with the enemies in Psalm 59.  But he has his priorities right – he knows that it is God who will save him.  “My God…..rescue me….defend me……save me”.  David knows that God alone is his source of victory.  He knows that it is God that is dependable.  “I can always count on you……God in dependable love shows up on time”.  Have you experienced God’s power and saving love?  Or do you just muddle through the challenges and struggles of life determined to deal with them all on your own.  God is in the business of dealing with those things – if we let him.  David tried for a long while to deal with the enemies on his own.  Do battle and then flee until the next time to go to war.  But they just keep pursuing and he finally gets to the point that he realizes that it is God who can deal with them all – not himself.  We tend to hold on to things far too long rather than let God have control.  We want to handle things ourselves rather than allow the One who can deal with everything do it.

 David is clear that his role is now to pray and let God deal with the enemy.  He wants to be sure that “all the world will see that God rules…..everywhere that God is in charge”.  Rather than be in the fray, David is now the messenger to make sure that God gets credit and is shown as the victor.  “I’m singing…shouting”.  David is the voice that is pointing people to God who is doing the heavy lifting.  That is really what God wants from us too.  He doesn’t need us to be in the battle as much as He wants us to proclaim all that He does in our lives.  He wants us to let the world know who He is and what He is up to.  God is active and willing to make things happen when we call out to Him.  We need to be willing to let go and let God, and then tell the world what He has done.  And we need to record His faithfulness so we can remember just how good God has been.  That is so important for the next generations to see, and for us to do as teaching others of His goodness.  Are you letting God have control of your problems?  Are you making a list and checking it twice so you can tell the world?  That is what we need to do – show and tell His faithfulness!

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