Psalm 58

David writes a Psalm here that really asks some powerful questions.  It treads where scripture doesn’t normally intersect our world – politics.  “Is this any way to run a country”?  What a question for then and for today.  Certainly that question has been asked for many generations, and it is definitely being asked today.  He goes on to ask the follow up question that really defines the core issue – “Is there an honest politician in the house”?  It boils down to motive and what drives the decisions and actions that occur in government and politics today.  Do you know any honest politicians?  I know a few because of their character and Christ Follower hearts.  But certainly if we cast a broad stroke many feel that politicians are not honest and have their own interests at heart.  Why does that happen?  David calls it out.  Things happen “behind the scenes….behind closed doors…..make deals”.  There is mistrust because people are not involved in the process and deals get worked out in the dark.  Of course evil almost always happens in the dark – that is where the enemy works his magic.  But we have to be careful to not fall prey to believing that everything that happens behind closed doors is bad.  Having served in a lot of leadership positions over the years – you cannot effectively lead by making decisions with everyone involved.  It just can’t happen that way.  So there has to be balance between communication and effective leadership.  The problem with things that David calls out is that the motives are selfish and the focus is wrong.  These politicians are poison and are not listening to God’s commands.

He points out that “it’s worth it to play by the rules”.  That is what this boils down to.  If people, even politicians, will simply follow God’s commands and rules things work out the way God intends.  It is when we bend or break the rules, when we live with selfish motives, when we push God out of the center of what we are doing – well that is when we get this crooked politician problem that leads us to a country that is gone amuck.  And here is the reality of what David tells us will happen: “before what they cook up is half-done, God, throw it out with the garbage”.  While we may think we can get away with violating God’s laws and living however we want, there are plenty of empires and nations that have proven it never works over time.  The rise and fall of so many nations can be tied to how they treated God’s laws.  Why?  Because God’s law never changes and always proves itself true.  There is no bending the rules that will work over time.  And when a country decides to do things their way without regard to His commandments – well it just won’t go well.  It is no way to run a country.  As Christ Followers, we need to stand firm on obedience to God’s laws.  We have to resist any efforts to pulls away from that obedience.  If we allow things to move there, we will be part of paying the price when things get trued up to His law.  It won’t be a pretty sight!

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