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Psalm 50

Psalm 50 gives us a view of good and evil and how God will respond.  “I’m ready to pass sentence” says our Father.  We all will face that day when we stand before the God of the Universe and have to give account for our life.  And the psalmist gives us a view into the things that will make Him happy, or will cause us to be put apart from Him for eternity.  Let’s look at the two different groups – and there are only two – there are no shades of one or the other – you either will be invited into His presence in heaven, or sent to a place where God will not be in hell.  No almost good enough or close – it is one or the other.  We are reminded that God is the judge – “God blazes into view….makes His entrance” and asks that people be brought before His throne.  We are reminded that “all creation and its bounty are mine”.  God owns it all and if we have not lived according to His rules and requirements, we will have a problem.  “Round up my saints who swore on the Bible their loyalty to me”.  As God calls those who claim to be His, there is a list of things that define people who are walking with Him:

  1. Spread for me a banquet of praise
  2. Serve High God a feast of kept promises
  3. Call for help when you’re in trouble
  4. It’s the praising life that honors me

If we are walking with God – we praise Him, obey Him and depend on Him.  He is the center of our world.  Everything revolves around Him.

 Next “God calls up the wicked”.  Now we may want to believe that these are the folks who do terrible things – the ax murderers, serial killers etc.  But check the list of descriptions contained here:

  1. Never answer the door when I call
  2. Treat my words like garbage
  3. Find a thief, make him your buddy
  4. Adulterers are your friends of choice
  5. Mouth drools with filth
  6. Lying is a serious art form
  7. Stab your own brother in the back
  8. Rip off your little sister

Wow – God’s list is some rather common things like lying, cheating, ignoring Him, not following His Word, taking advantage of people and on it goes.  We need to wake up to the reality that none of us are going to make it when we stand before God who is “ready to pass sentence”.  If we approach His judgment seat on our own works, we are in for some trouble.  God expects us to live right every moment.  In fact that is His requirement. 

So is there any hope.  Scripture tells us “I’ll show you my salvation”.  God has put a plan in place to help us deal with the issues we create.  When we fall short of His mark – it is called sin.  There is a price to pay for sin.  If we deal with it on our own we will spend eternity separated from God as part of the group scripture calls wicked.  But if we admit it, seek forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ, repent and follow Him, we can leave our sin problem behind and become one of His saints that will spend eternity with the Father.  We do have a choice on how our eternity will be spent.  But we have to take action and make a decision.  Are you ready to face the judgment throne?  What have you done with Jesus?

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