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Psalm 36

Psalm 36 gives us a little view of the difference between good and evil.  The writer tells us first about the rebel as he is “eager to sin”.  There are a few characteristics that are listed about these folks.  First we are told he has “no regard for God” – doesn’t even consider the fact that God sees his sin and is not amused.  Evil looks God in the eye and just smirks.  There will be a day when that behavior pays a big price, but while it is happening, evil people just seem to enjoy the fact they are defying the Creator.  Next scripture tells us “he stands insolent”.  Had to look that one up – not in my normal vocabulary.  Basically it means disrespectful and rude speech – to treat without regard or respect.  Reminds me of the way teens sometimes talk to their parents.  Evil doesn’t respect God – at least yet!  We also learn this person “has smooth talked himself into believing that his evil will never be noticed”.  This is one that is hard to understand until you have tried it yourself.  God doesn’t miss anything folks.  There are no secrets, there is not hiding.  What we do is known to Him, and more often than not, to others as well.  To be deceived and believe that we can sin and not have God nor others know, that is lunacy.  It does not happen. Bottom line is that the rebel who is bent on doing evil is going to get one big surprise when he stands before God at judgment day.  “He plays with fire and doesn’t care who gets burned” while on this earth, but the reality is that he will be the one who is burned for eternity when that day comes.  Evil has a price to pay and it is eternal.  There is no good thing, even short term, that comes from chosing sin and evil!

 The psalmist contrasts the ways of an evil rebel with the awesome nature of God.  I love the way He describes God.  Check out these words:

  1. His love is meteoric
  2. His loyalty astronomic
  3. His purpose titanic
  4. His verdicts oceanic

You get the picture here – we have a very big and awesome God.  He is not confined to some little part of this universe.  He does not work in a little patch like we live in.  God is all encompassing and everywhere all the time.  He is unbleivable.  And if we are not careful we can translate that into a feeling that He doesn’t care about little old me, or He is too busy doing big things to notice my little problems.  That is the really cool thing about God.  Check out these truths:”Yet in His largeness nothing gets lost; not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks”.  This is the reality of the God we serve.  He is not too busy to be part of every little thing we do.  He is not overwhelmed with His creation.  He is right there in the middle of the details of life every moment of every day.  God is huge, yet personal.  He is vast beyond our ability to comprehend, yet so engaged with our life that not one little thing slips by unnoticed.  As humans we cannot even comprehend how this can be.  But scripture assures us it is true – God is very much paying attention and involved in every little part of our life.  We need to bask in His love and build our relationship with the Father.  That is His desire and He is waiting to be closer with us each passing day.  Are you living life with the Father?  Or acting like He isn’t there?  He is, and desires to be actively communicated with and leading our every step.  Make sure He is starting today!

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