Psalm 34

Psalm 34 challenges us to let the world know about God.  Do you do that?  Are you out there proclaiming God in every way every day?  Check out what the writer tells us:

–       “I bless God every chance I get

–       I live and breathe God

–       Join me in spreading the news

–       Let’s get the Word out

–       Worship God if  you want the best

Our relationship with the Father shouldn’t be secret.  We should wear it proudly and boldly and proclaim it in every way we can.  We are in a relationship.  God is not our Jeannie that we can just call out to for help when we need it.  God is alive and active and ready to be part of everything we do.  The question is – will we let Him?  Will we admit that He is there with us and let the world know it clearly?  We need to shout it from the mountaintop.  We are able to experience God.  The psalmist tells us “open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see how good God is”.  What a privilege to be able to see and taste what God is up to.  We can have that blessing.  We can experience that goodness.  We can be that close to the Creator.

 We are encouraged to “never hide your feelings from Him”.  Why?  Because we are in a relationship.  He cares about what we think and feel.  He understands what we are going through.  He wants to be an intimate part of our life.  God cares.  “God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray”.  Hello – are you hearing this?  God pays attention when we pray and He comes close to us when we put our focus on His throne.  He keeps us safe and protected when we are in His presence.  For some time now I have been praying that my day will be spent in His presence.  I understand that when I am in the presence of the King, the enemy can’t bother me.  So I pray that I will walk in His steps and be where He is every day.  Too many want to run from God and hide from his presence – maybe because of the life they are leading or the choices they are making.  But we are told in this chapter that “God-seekers are full of God”.  Does that describe you?  Are you running over with God?  Do people even notice Him in you?  We shouldn’t be able to hide the fact that we are Christ Followers.  It should leak and ooze out of us at every turn.  And it should show in how we live.  We are instructed here to “guard your tongue from profanity….no more lying…..turn your back on sin….do something good”.  People should know we are His by how we live.  It should not be a mystery or an accident that they see Jesus in us.  It should flow by the way we live.

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