Psalm 33

Psalm 33 is a joyful chapter.  It has two main thoughts that jump out at me.  First is the realization and recognition that “He spoke and there it was”.  He is the creator.  He made it all.  I love these descriptions of His creation: “Skies were made by God’s command….breathed the word and the stars popped out….scooped sea into His jug……put ocean in His keg”.  What a glorious world we live in.  He made this place we call home and created us to be part of it.  Because of that we need to “cheer God….sound best when praising….reinforce your hallelujahs….play his praise… song….trumpet fanfare”.  We need to be glorifying God and shouting His goodness from the rooftops.  We need to not only acknowledge His creation but we need to praise Him for it and all that He has done and is doing. He alone is worthy of our praise.  He alone should be the center of our attention and the praise we sing.

 But this verse really struck me: “Blessed are the people He’s put in His will”.  Have you ever considered that truth?  As a Christ Follower, we are put in God’s eternal will.  We will inherit eternal life.  What a blessing and promise.  And how do we know?  Because “God’s Word is solid to the core”.  What He says is truth and can be trusted.  It is going to happen because God says so.  That is all we really need to know.  The Bible says it which makes it true.  “He loves it when everything fits, when His world is plumb-line true”.  God’s Word is the plumb-line for our life. Want to know what to do?  Read His Word.  It has the guidance for life.  It contains the boundaries within which we will find His perfect will.  “God’s plan for the world stands up….His designs are made to last”.  His truth doesn’t shift like the sand on a beach. It is solid and gives us direction on how to live.  Because of that we need to realize that “he overlooks all us earth dwellers….he watches everything we do”.  We not only have the guidebook but there is also the expectation we will actually read it and live by it.  It isn’t sent as a suggestion for how we should live.  It is the standard by which we will be judged. It is the truth we will be measured by.  “God’s eye is on those who repect him…who are looking for His love”.  He is paying attention.  He is watching and He will be the judge when that day comes.  We need to get in His Word and learn it and live by it.  Only then will we truly be walking the way He commands.  We won’t accidently get it right.  As humans we need to be “depending on God; He’s everything we need”.  That is the only way we will truly succeed in life.  If we put Him front and center in our lives.  He alone will be able to lead us to a victorious life.  Are you walking in the light of His Word?   Are you living the Truth?

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