Psalm 29

 Psalm 29 is all about God and His power and creation.  The writer starts the chapter by acknowledging God: “Bravo….encore….in awe before the glory….in awe before God’s visible power”.  We need to “stand at attention” and see what God is doing.  Do you even notice or recognize what God is up to?  Do you consider His every move?  God created our entire planet.  He designed the universe. But His interaction didn’t stop after creation.  He is involved day by day and moment by moment in the world we live in.  Yet sometimes I fail to see His hand at work, even in my own life.  I fail to feel His touch even when His handprints are all over my life.  How about you?  Do you get so comfortable in your life that you miss the important stuff?  Do you get so accustomed to what God is doing you don’t even recognize Him? 

 The writer makes sure we at least understand some of what God is up to.  He reminds us that God:

  1. Thunders across the waters
  2. Streaming brightness
  3. Flood waters
  4. Thunder tympanic
  5. Thunder symphonic
  6. Thunder smashes cedars
  7. Mountain ranges skip
  8. High ridges jump
  9. Thunder spits fire
  10. Wilderness quakes
  11. Pelting rain

God is in control of all of nature and life.  Sometimes we forget that reality.  And most of all, we forget that “above the floodwaters is God’s throne from which His power flows, from which He rules the world”.  That is our reality.  God sits in His throne and knows all and sees all and controls all.  It is absolute.  It is complete.  It is our world.  He is the King of this universe and we need to learn from the psalmist how to put Him in the reverent place He belongs.  “We fall to our knees, we call out Glory”.  Are you on your knees before the God of this universe?  Do you fall on your knees in reverence and respect?  Do you ever recognize that He is in control?  Scripture tells us that someday every knee will bow and every tongue confess.  We need to be doing that as part of our daily walk – recognizing that God is sitting on His throne and in control and living life in awe of His power.  The writer gives us the gut check.  Are you living that way?

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