Psalm 28

Psalm 28 talks a bit about prayer.  The writer is calling to God to hear his requests.  He is pleading with God not to leave him in “deafening silence” but rather to let him know that God is listening.  Do you ever feel like that?   Like God is not hearing your prayers?  Why does that happen?  And more importantly, is it true?  Does God not hear us, or do we just not recognize the reality that He does whether we feel like it or not?  The psalmist tells us that “He heard me praying” after ranting a bit about how it felt like no one was listening.  Scripture is pretty clear that God does hear our prayers.  God is listening, 24/7/365 and we don’t send them into cyberspace where they just vanish and go away.  God hears.  But that doesn’t mean He always answers them our way on our timeline.  That is where we tend to lose reality.  Our idea of God hearing is that He answers immediately the way we have asked Him to.  That is where the breakdown comes.  And the psalmist tells us part of the issue: “they have no idea how God works or what He is up to”.  Prayer is not about making God do what we want Him to do.  Prayer is about lining up our attitude and life with what God is doing.  It is about us getting on His page, not trying to sway Him to get on our page.  But we get that part wrong.  We tend to think that prayer is our ticket to manipulate God into doing the things we want.  In fact, prayer should be the way we understand God’s plan and join Him.  That is what it is all about.

 The writer does tell us that there a many who will try and pull us away or even harm us.  And we need to separate ourselves from those who “talk a good line….then moonlight for the Devil”.  The world is full of people who say one thing and live completely differently.  We need to pay attention to how people live far more than what they say.  Who we are surrounded by, who we spend our time with, those folks will influence us and can pull us away from God.  Just like your parents used to tell you growing up that who you pick as friends makes a difference – well the same is true in life.  Those we hang around with will impact us.  So we need to pick wisely and spend time with those who have “thrown my lot in with Him”.  We need to surround ourselves with those who are walking with God and who are “jumping for joy…..shouting….singing my thanks to Him”.  Are you spending time with real Christ Followers – people with a deep and growing relationship with Jesus?  It is important we do that.  That is not to say we should isolate ourselves from the rest, but we need a strong foundation of friends that can help us be grounded and walking with the Savior.  We need folks who all Jesus to “carry them like a good shepherd”.  And it goes without saying that we need to fill that role for all the folks in our lives as well.  Are you salt and light for the people you rub shoulders with each day?  Are you carrying the torch for Jesus and making sure people in your patch know how to receive eternal life?  Don’t be one who is just deafening silence about the most important truth the world needs to know!

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