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Psalm 22

Psalm 22 is a different kind of writing.  While some of this applies to David, who had plenty of enemies and people who wanted him dead, much of this is a foretelling of Jesus and His life and death.  It is a bit more difficult to see that in the Message version, so you might want to read it in a different translation and read a commentary alongside this passage.  But Jesus went through all these things that the psalmist lists in chapter 22.  I love how scripture reminds us that “since the moment of birth you’ve been my God”.  That was true for Jesus, and it is true for us.  God was there at our birth, before our birth as He crafted us in the womb, and He never leaves our side.  That does not mean that things always go smoothly. This chapter contains a long list of struggles and afflictions that David and Jesus had to deal with. Our life will have some of the same – we are not guaranteed smooth passage through life into eternity.  But the good news is that God will be there.  And scripture tells us that “from the four corners of the earth people are coming to their senses, are running back to God”.  Do you run to God when you face trials?  Is He the first place you go to get help dealing with the challenges in life, or just the safety valve when it gets to be too much?  He should be our first reponse – the place we immediately turn when we are struggling in any way.  Why you ask…..well here is what scripture promises: 

  1. “He has never let you down
  2.  Never looked the other way when you were being kicked around
  3. Never wandered off to do His own thing
  4. Has been right there, listening”

 So why wouldn’t we run to God with our troubles?  Where else can we get those assurances in this world?  There is no place under heaven that can give us the kind of promise that God does in His Word.  Yet we struggle to come to Him.  And the chapter ends with a very important role for us as well.  This weekend was the Focus on Parenting simulcast presented by CCN and Focus on the Family.  One of the main teachings was that kids learn most of all by watching their parents and how they live.  Surprise, surprise huh?  There is not some magic formula for how to discipline, or what to teach, or some program to make kids into angels.  It happens when parents do their job as parents – live like godly men and women at the foot of the Throne. It happens when adults act like adults and lead their family.  And we see that here as the psalmist says “our children and their children will get in on this as Word is passed along from parent to child”.  So here is the responsibility and too often the breakdown – we are to tell our children and grandchildren the truth of God’s work in our lives, but not only by word, but also by action.  For our communication to be effective our WALK needs to line up with our TALK.  Too often, there is a lot of neither in our lives.  We never even get around to the talk part – we never mention God at work in our life.  So how will our kids ever understand the living God of the universe and how important He is for their life?  It is time for grownups to get with the program.  We need to talk about God daily so “babies not yet conceived will hear the good news – that God does what He says”.  We have a giant responsibility to let the children know.  It is not an optional task – it is one of the most important God has assigned to us as parents.  Are you speaking truth into your kids?  Are you living truth so they can’t miss it?  We are His messengers – time to start telling the story!

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