Psalm 9

Psalm 9 is a chapter that cries out the story of God’s work around us.  “He sees and sets the world’s mess right”.  God is at work.  “You took over and set everything right….when I needed you… were there…..taking charge”.  What a promise.  And we see that happen over and over through out scripture.  God is there and shows up to make things right.  He takes control of the situation because He is in control of every situation.  There are no surprises.  There are no things out of bounds to God’s reach.  God is in control and “decides what is right for us earthlings”.  That is pretty clear.  He sets the rules and decides what the penalty is when we fail to do the right thing.  Obedience is required.  There is no pass given.  “They have no excuse; the way God works is well-known”.  People who think they can write their own rules and live their own lives are in for a big surprise.  It doesn’t work that way.  God alone is the creator, the writer of life, and the judge of our actions.  For those who chose to do their own thing – the writer makes it clear what happens: “the wicked bought a one-way ticket to hell”.  That is pretty strong and not something we like to think about.  But let’s face it, life matters and how we live determines eternity.  If we are stuck on being all about our own little self centered world, the outcome will not be what we want. If we figure out just how far off the reservation we have gone when we are in charge, and realize our need for a Savior, and come to Jesus with faith and a repentant heart – well then our eternity looks bright and exactly what we would desire it to be.  So we get the opportunity to determine the outcome, just not the right to make the rules. 

 The writer is really happy with life.  He has seen God at work.  He is going to “tell His stories to everyone you meet”.  How do you respond when God works in your life.  I think we get a glimpse of some really good actions to take here.  Check out what the psalmist does with his joy:

  1. I’m thanking you God from a full heart
  2. I’m writing the book on your wonders
  3. I’m whistling
  4. I’m laughing
  5. I’m jumping for joy
  6. I’m singing your song

The writer is ecstatic at his relationship with God.  Does anyone know what God is doing in your life?  Are you telling the story?  Are you thankful and jumping for joy?  Or do you just move on and take God’s goodness for granted?  That is often the case, or there would be a whole lot more testimonies shared when Christ Follower’s are together.  But more often than not, no one shares much of anything that has resulted in their life.  They may not even recognize what God has done.  And some even think they did it all themselves.  We need to stop and take a big look at life.  God is alive and well and active in our lives moment by moment.  He is doing all sorts of great things.  And as the writer tells us, when we go to Him we’re “never sorry you knocked”.  Are you knocking on God’s door to be front and center in your life?  Time to make that part of the life you live.  Do it today!

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