Psalm 8

Psalm 8 makes an assumption that may not be true today: “God….yours is a household name”.  Is that true in your household?  Is God part of the discussion – One of the family – a household name?  Or do you keep that quiet – it’s personal after all – and nobodys business but your own?  Too many want to keep God under wraps or not even admit that He is.  Why are we hesitant to let people know about God?  And even more questionable – why do we fail to talk about our relationship with Jesus?  After all, we have the solution to the biggest problem in the world today – SIN.  Not only the solution, but the only solution.  And yet we tend to keep that quiet – to stay to ourselves – to pretend like it is some super secret that should not be discussed with others.  Why?  Are we ashamed to need a Savior?  Are we afraid of what people will think?  Our hiding the most important relationship we have is lunacy.  It defies all logic.  Yet we do it.  We proudly wear the colors of our favorite sports teams.  We aren’t afraid to align with civic groups and even churches.  But when it comes to wearing Jesus publicly, we shy away.  We need to be like the writer here and have God and Jesus household, workplace and lifestyle names.

 The reality is that if we don’t shout out the glory of God, well it will happen anyway.  The writer points out that God created the skies “dark and enormous, your handmade jewelry, moon and stars”.  No one can miss God’s creation.  God did choose to put us in charge of managing His creation.  Some days I wonder why He made that choice knowing what He knows, but He did.  We have a lot of responsibility with that.  “Sheep and cattle….animals in the wild…..birds flying and fish swimming”.  There is a lot of creation out there.  But the creation cries out the glory of God.  Scripture tells us that no one can miss God whether they have been told or not.  Nature and creation shout His name.  And the psalmist says that as well: “God, brilliant Lord, your name echoes around the world”.  There is no secret about how the universe came to be.  God put it there – spoke it into existence.  He is not hiding that fact.  We should not hide the fact that He is the center of our lives either.  That is – unless of course – we have not placed Him there.  Or we have pushed Him from that spot.  Is that why we struggle to shout God’s name from where we are – because we are in a battle for control?  Hmmm…..time to look in the mirror and see what the issue is.

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