Psalm 3

Psalm 3 talks about the reality of enemies.  The Psalmist describes his as “enemies past counting…..sprouting like mushrooms”.  Do you have enemies in life?  Let me answer for you – yes you do.  Some of us have other people right in our patch that are against us.  They may be at work, or neighbors or heaven forbid in the church.  These people often are driven by jealously or just plain meanness, but they don’t like us and want us to fail.  We all definitely have enemies on a larger scale from around the world.  They may not be specific to us in a personal way, but if they begin dropping bombs or shooting or flying planes into buildings in our country, they definitely qualify as enemies.  But the biggest enemy of all, is one we can’t see.  Satan is alive and well and is out to destroy us.  His stated gig is to “steal, kill and destroy”.  That is about as good a definition of an enemy as you can get.  Someone who wants you gone.  So we learn here that we need to “shout up to God”.  Because with the reality of the enemy, also scripture shows us the more important truth of the victory.  And here it is: “real help comes from God”.  We can call out like this passage shows us: “My God, help me” and know that God is there. Does it mean that everything always works out the way we want?  Not exactly.  But the odds are never better for us than when we have God on our side and we hear as “His answers thunder from the holy mountain”.  God is in the victory business.  He does win in the end.  The ending to the story has already been written.  We simply need to make sure we don’t try and deal with the enemies of life on our own.

 But that is usually what we do isn’t it.  We run into a problem or an attack and our response is to go to battle on our own.  All through scripture we see what the greatest warriors did – they stopped and prayed – they sought God’s direction for the battle – they waited upon Him.  But most of us just take off and go at it alone.  We don’t even bring our closest brothers and sisters in the Lord alongside us.  How silly to do battle alone.  What army is ever made up of one?  But that is our approach because we certainly can’t let anyone know there is anything except complete happiness and love and joy in our life.  Right?  We don’t want anyone to know we are struggling.  Hello people – if you are breathing and upright I already know you have issues and are in the midst of some battle.  That is part of life.  So quit trying to portray this image that you are different than all the rest of us.  You aren’t and everyone know it.  You need God to help give you strength and make you fearless in the battle.  Scripture tells us He will “shield me on all sides…..ground my feet….lift my head high”.  Can you do better than that yourself?  Let me answer for you – NO you can’t.  God is the answer to the struggles in life.  He is the source of victory and the strength we need.  He is our refuge and gives us the ability to deal with “enemy mobs coming at me from all sides”.  We will fail if we take on the enemy alone.  But with God, victory has already be achieved.  Don’t go it alone.  Run to God, run to your fellow warriors in the Body, and achieve victory.  As Christ Followers we should never live in defeat.  He has already won the war.  We just need to let Him help us win the battles along the way too!

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