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Psalm 1

Psalm 1 is a very short but powerful six verses.  God identifies some characteristics of a man that He likes:

  1. Don’t hang out at sin saloon (walk in the counsel of the wicked)
  2. Don’t slink along dead in road (stand in the path of sinners)
  3. Don’t go to smart mouth college” (sit in the seat of scoffers)

The Message version puts it rather bluntly, but bottom line is that God cares about who we hang out with and how we act.  He tells us to stay away from the bad influences in life and watch our mouth and our actions.  Life matters – what we do and who we are around makes a difference in the outcome of our life.  We need to wake up and recognize that.  He goes on to tell us what does make Him pleased: “you thrill in God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night”.  In the NAS version it says “his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night”.  If you are like me, that is the version you memorized.  Our road to success is to read and study God’s Word.  It should be our thrill – our delight.  Spending time with God should not be a chore we check off, it should be the foundation to a relationship we can’t wait to experience every day.  His Word is the light to our path and the lamp for our feet.  It is the roadmap to success and happiness.  So why do we struggle so to actually spend time in it?  Scripture tells us that those who fail to walk with Him are “mere windblown dust” on the way to Skid Row.  The path for the ungodly and wicked is not a good one.  But “God charts the road you take” if you are walking with Him.  His Word is a key part of being on that right path.

 The middle of this chapter gives a great word picture of what happens to those who are in God’s Word and in a deep relationship with Him.  I love how scripture compares us to a tree: “You’re a tree replanted in Eden”.  But not just any tree.  Check out the description God gives of how we will perform as a tree that is rooted in His Word:

  1. Bearing fresh fruit every month
  2. Never dropping a leaf
  3. Always in blossom

Now that is one super tree.  If we are walking with God and in His Word – His blessings flow as a result of our faithfulness.  The NAS ends the description this way: “in whatever he does, he prospers”.  Does being in God’s Word and having a deep relationship mean we will never have a tough day or fail at anything.  No – but it certainly does improve the reality that with God all things are possible and He in fact not only creates the path but enables us to walk in victory along it.  This chapter is one of those we need to cling to and hold on to as a promise of God’s love and investment in our lives.  It does require us to do something – to chew on His Word and stay away from the wrong people and things in our lives.  But it also carries the promise of His blessing which makes everything so very worthwhile.  Are you a tree planted in the stream of God’s Word?  Are you reading it every day and making it part of how you live?  It needs to be that important – every day – to all you are and do!

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