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Judges 17/18

Judges 17 and 18 are about Micah.  He lived in Ephraim and the story begins with him stealing back 1100 pieces of silver that had been taken from his mother.  She gives him some and he creates an idol and puts it in place.  A young Levite shows up from nowhere and Micah hires him to be his personal priest.  The people of Israel sent out spies to find out if there were lands they could overtake, and they show up at Micah’s house and ask the priest to give them direction on what they should do.  There is a problem that underlies this entire time in Israel.  “People did whatever they felt like doing”.  It is the formula for disaster and reminds me somewhat of where our world is today.  People did what they wanted without regard for God’s laws and what was right.  How is it that we can fall into that trap of the enemy so quickly?  Where do we come up with the idea that we get to make the rules or that we can bend the rules to fit what we want to do?  It just is not how it works.  God has a plan, He has rules, He is a God of consistency and character, and man cannot just do whatever he wants and assume all will go well.  It just doesn’t work that way.

 The spies go back and tell the people that there was little resistance if they go and attack.  “We’ve seen the land and it is excellent”.  They were encouraging action.  “Are you going to just sit on your hands”?  They knew it was an opportunity and were trying to get people excited and ready to go.  That is really one of the biggest roles of leadership.  Learning how to cast vision and motivate people to take action is really where the rubber meets the road.  These five come back with big opportunity and now they have to mobilize the troops to go take action.  They manage to get them excited and off they march.  They come to Micah’s house along the way and go in and steal his idols and take his priest to be their own.  He doesn’t exactly like that and takes off after discovering what has happened, but is outnumbered and has to turn back and accept the loss.  That which he had stolen and made into an idol is now gone.  This section doesn’t really strike me with any major learning’s other than the reality that you can’t buy or hire your way to obedience.  Micah hired a priest of his own but that didn’t bring him any closer to God.  Maybe it had the appearance on the outside, but our relationship with God is not on the surface but of the heart.  He didn’t have that – in fact – he was worshiping idols and anything but God.  If we want to really have a relationship with the Father – we need to get our heart right and focus on what belongs – not stuff we make or accumulate – but relationship.  Jesus is the way we get there.  Do you have that connection today?

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