Joshua 21/22

Joshua 20 and 21 contain details on the assignment of land for a couple purposes.  Cities are to be set aside as “asylum cities” where people who accidentally killed someone could reside until time for their trial.  The process was pretty simple.  In the event someone killed another person without the intent of that action, they could approach one of these six cities and ask the city leaders to allow them to reside there until they could go to trial.  It was a safe habor, if you will, for them to reside in short term.  There are three cities selected on each side of the Jordan.  The Levites also ask for the cities they were to be provided as a place to reside.  Rmember – God forbid them from owning property and recieving their own inheritance.  So “forty eight” towns are selected along with the “accompanying pastures” for their livestock to graze.  These cities come from all the tribes and are designated for the Levites to live in.  We are now getting down to the fine print of handing out the final directives around the Promised Land. 

 As things wrap up here we learn that “God gave Israel the entire land that He had solemnly vowed to give to their ancestors’.  God is doing what He promised and said He would do.  That is something we can always depend on.  He never misses.  If He says it, we can believe it and live based on it.  That is why reading and knowing His Word is so critical.  It is a sure thing.  Reminds me of the new TV show coming this fall that gives people a glimpse of the future before it happens.  We can get a picture of a lot of things just by studying His Word.  God’s Word is truth, and as the people of Israel found out – He does what He says He will.  “The took possession of it and made themselves at home in it”.  The people moved in and not only occupied it, but they were at home.  They have made the adjustment and claimed their promise.  “God gave them rest on all sides….not a single one of their enemies was able to stand up to them”.  Not only did God fulfill His promise to give them the land, He protected them over time and made them superior to those who would want to disrupt His plan.  God equips us to be successful when we are walking in His path.  He makes it so.  This was not some short term gift – a teaser if you will – it was God’s long term plan for them and He orchestrates to beginning but also the ongoing ability to stay.  “Not one word failed from all the good words God spoke….everything came out right”.  God is faithful.  He does what He says He will do when He says He will do it.  We can take that to the bank.  He is always faithful.  He gave the people exactly what He promised, as advertised.  Oh that we would learn to know His truth so we could walk with Him confidently because we understand what He promises and will deliver.  There is so much we can do if we only learn to know His Word and His heart!

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