Joshua 19

Joshua 19 records the final seven tribes as they “completed the dividing of the land as inheritance and the setting of its boundaries”.  Eleazar the priest and Joshua dole out the last tribes inheritances and created the boundaries between them all.  “They completed the dividing of the land”.  Been quite a process and a lot of overcoming to take enough land for the people to all have a place.  But it is done, and now everyone has a place to call home and their own.  A few bumps along the way.  We learn that “the people of Dan failed to get rid of the Westerners (Amorites) who pushed them back into the hills”.  Every time a conquering tribe did not complete their task as ordered and remove the people, it messed up their inheritance.  It is only in complete obedience that things worked out God’s way.  If the people followed His instruction, it fell into place as He said it would.  If they tried doing it their way, or did not complete his instruction completely as directed, there were always complications.  That is true over and over in scripture, and certainly during the claiming of the Promised Land.  And a lot of these issues that were left undone then, still are causing problems today.  The people of Dan had to attack and capture a different place since they muffed on the original grant. 

 As the process winds down, we find that “the People of Israel then gave an inheritance among them to Joshua son of Nun”.  Here we are, all the land handed out and tribes set up with their piece of the Promised Land, and Joshua finally is given his.  Some real lessons on leadership here.  Far too many leaders would have taken their choice of things first.  They would have made sure that their desires were covered, and then worry about their followers.  Not Joshua.  He served his people first, and did it completely, before it ever came around to being given his own place.  He made sure that each tribe had enough, that every person was cared for, and then looked at his own situation.  Servant leadership never starts with self.  It never focuses on what the leader wants but is absolutely laser focused on the needs of those who follow.  Jesus led that way.  Joshua and Moses led that way.  They kept their eyes on God and not on self.  They did what God told them to do without asking what was in it for them.  God does take care of Joshua, in fact he did receive “the city which he had requested” but not until he had “completed the dividing of the land”.  It happened after the fact “in obedience to God’s word”.  It was not something he spent his time worrying about or positioning for.  He served the people God’s way and let God handle the details of caring for him.  Oh that we would all lead like this.  Putting others first, keeping their needs ahead of our own.  If we lived this way in our marriages and families we would revolutionize how the family works.  If we led this way in the workplace we would see a lot different results.  We need to figure out how to be servant leaders in every relationship.  That is God’s desire for us!

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