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Deuteronomy 34

Deuteronomy 34 finishes the life of Moses.  He was 120 years old when he died on Mount Nebo in the land of Moab.  God took him to the top of the mountain and “showed him all the land”.  Moses had led the people for a very long time to get to the Promised Land.  And God shows him: “I’ve let you see it with your eyes….but you’re not going to go in”.  Ever wonder what Moses is thinking at this point?  He has led the people obediently through some pretty rough waters.  Literally….and figuratively.  He led them out of Egypt after dealing with Pharaoh and the plagues.  He dealt with many lapses by the people in their obedience to God.  He received the 10 commandments and was a man “whom God knew face-to-face”.  There are very few in that club.  Moses was a special man.  He had a bad day during that life of 120 years and disobeyed God, and now is shut out of entry into the Promised Land.  It had to be bittersweet for him, to stand there in God’s presence feeling good about bringing the people to the boundary, overcoming all odds to safely lead them to their new home, but unable to join their joy as they enter.  It is really a powerful statement to the importance of obedience in God’s eye.  Close didn’t count.  And the punishment was pretty darn tough.

Moses is described as a man whose “eyesight is sharp…walked with a spring in his step”.  Not bad for 120 years old.  Besides being a great leader – he also prepared the transition of power to Joshua.  Scripture tells us that “Joshua son of Nun was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him”.  Can you imagine taking the torch from Moses – the one that scripture tells us was unique.  “No prophet has risen since…like Moses”.  That is a pretty tall order for Joshua to take on.  But the thing that is powerful here is the lesson around the power of blessing.  Joshua is ready to take on the challenge because Moses prepared him.  He passed the torch and blessed him passing his power and wisdom to the protégé.  Joshua would have struggle mightily had not Moses prepared him.  Are you preparing for transition?  In your family?  In your business?  In your life?  It is coming.  And likely before you reach 120 years old too.  So now is the time to bless your kids, your partners, your grandkids – whoever will be picking up and carrying on for you.  Legacy is a big deal and we need to prepare for it.  Moses left a powerful legacy.  He was ready.  Are you?

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