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Deuteronomy 33

Deuteronomy 33 brings the blessing of Moses just before he passes from this earth.  He addresses each of the 12 tribes and talks to their place in history.  He begins by reviewing God’s faithfulness in the past, and then talks about their future.  A combination of remembering, and vision casting.  Personal to each group, powerful in the message he brings for their futures.  God has a plan for each tribe and a role that each will play in history.  He ends his blessing with these words: “Lucky Israel….the Shield who defends you, the Sword who brings you triumph”. We have a good who not only protects us, He also is our offensive weapon as well.  Scripture tells us that His Word is also a Sword, cutting in both ways.  We are equipped and protected by our Father.

 But the chapter begins with these words which struck me: “Moses, man of God”.  It really challenges me in the area of legacy and what people will say about my life when it is ending.  Do I live as a man of God, where God is my life and I revolve around His plans and commands?  Or am I living as the center of the universe and trying to connect with God on occasion when things get out of my control?  Being a man of God means that He alone is the center of my life.  He alone drives the bus, has the steering wheel and calls the shots.  He alone is Lord.  Unfortunately that is a very abnormal relationship as our nature tells us that we are the focal point.  But Moses got it right.  God was His compass.  God led him faithfully by day and by night.  And Moses followed obediently.  He truly demonstrated what it means to be a man of God.  The question then becomes – am I?  Are you?  Is God really the center of your life?  I hope my legacy will read like Moses did.  Oh that I can also hear the words “well done good and faithful servant”.

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