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Deuteronomy 32

Deuteronomy 32 is winding down Moses work on earth.  He gives some very direct feedback to the people about God.  Check out what he says: “respond to the greatness of our God! The Rock: His works are perfect, and the way he works is fair and just; A God you can depend upon, no exceptions, a straight-arrow God”.  We need to wake up to the presence of God around us.  And we need to know that He is perfect, fair and just whether we think so or not, whether it “feels” like it or not.  God is going to be there – He is dependable and without exception.  He is our Rock.  Moses contrasts you and me to God this way: “His messed-up, mixed-up children, his non-children, throw mud at him but none of it sticks”.  How is that for a stark comparison?  Sort of describes me – messed-up and mixed-up.  We try and throw mud at Him – to blame Him for the problems in our lives but none of it sticks.  We can’t bring Him into our chaos.  We can’t get Him off His game.  He is perfect and complete and consistent always.  Fortunately He gives us the key to becoming a solid child.  It is a simple formula but one most of us don’t follow:  “Read up on what happened before you were born; dig into the past, understand your roots”.  How much time are you spending in His Word?  Reading and understanding His nature and character and getting the history of how He works in this world we call home. We need to do that – we need to see the past so we can understand what He will do in the future.

 God isn’t going to pamper us just because we get up and call ourselves His.  He expects us to live His way and to walk with Him every day.  When we mess up, there is a price to pay.   “From now on I’m looking the other way. Wait and see what happens to them. Oh, they’re a turned-around, upside-down generation! Who knows what they’ll do from one moment to the next”?  If we want God’s attention and blessing we need to live in obedience.  He can’t tolerate any less.  But His next comment brought a smile to my face.  The Message version really puts it clearly: “They are a nation of ninnies, they don’t know enough to come in out of the rain. If they had any sense at all, they’d know this; they would see what’s coming down the road”.   Do you think that is how God looks at us in America today – as a nation of “ninnies”?  I am afraid He does.  We don’t seem to live with a lot of common sense, and certainly are not looking at the history of God’s actions regarding people in scripture and His response to their sin.  The good news is that it is never too late to repent.  And God does give us some real hope and direction.  “Take to heart all these words to which I give witness today and urgently command your children to put them into practice, every single word….this is no small matter for you; it’s your life. In keeping this word you’ll have a good and long life”.  It all comes down to us knowing His Word and making it part of our life.  We need to live it and teach it to our children…..every single word of it.  It is not some little thing – it is a big deal and we need to get focused on knowing God and His Word.  It is our life.  And it is the secret to living long and well.  Are you in God’s Word?  Do you make it your business every day?

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