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Deuteronomy 27

Deuteronomy 27 is a list of things that were given to guide the people in how to live in their new land. The Levites go through a series of things that were not acceptable. In each case, they had “all respond…yes….absolutely” to the commands given. People had to make a verbal acknowledgement of how they were to live. The commands are pretty clear and direct. It starts with “demeaning a parent”. Obvious how God feels about the structure of the family and the need for us to “honor your father and mother”. He did make that pretty clear in a few other places too. There is a very specific design for the family. No wonder we have some of the issues we do today based on how we treat the family today. Kids rebel, fathers leave, mothers don’t submit, grandparents vanish… much of what happens today is certainly not honoring but is demeaning. God isn’t into that.

The chapter contains many directives around how to live with neighbors and families and much of it focuses on sex. Problem then….problem today. We have to understand just how precious sex is in God’s mind. He created it specifically for a purpose and for most of the time the human race has struggled to keep it the way God intended. God doesn’t just look the other way. This chapter tells us it matters to Him how we live. And the final directive tells us we need to take His Words seriously and live them. The Bible is not just a book. It is the book of life and tells us how to live. God’s expectation is we know it and live it. All of it, not just what we pick and choose. All of it, every day, all day. It isn’t some optional thing we can choose which parts we want to follow. It is the whole picture of God’s plan. Are you living it?

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