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Deuteronomy 26

Deuteronomy 26 tells us how God wanted the people to enter the land He promised them. And it was to happen immediately upon entrance: “Once you enter….take some….firstfruits…..worship him”. The first thing that God expected when they entered the promised land was to have them worship Him. Is that what you do when good things happen? Do you first worship Him? Do you first honor Him? Is He the one that gets your first response? Or do you just take the blessing and forget where it came from? God watns us to remember. He tells us “you will recite….say this” when we are in His presence. God wants us to let Him know that we realize He is the provider of our blessing. We need to recognize that “he brought us….gave us this land”. God is the source folks. He gives us every good and perfect gift, just like He gave this land to the people of Israel.

But along with worshipping Him, we are reminded again to do something: “What you commanded, I’ve done. I haven’t detoured around your commands, I haven’t forgotten a single one”. God is looking for complete and total obedience. No detours, no forgetting, just plain old fashioned do what He tells us to do. That is obedience. He goes on to clarify it even more: “do what he tells you in the rules, regulations, and commandments; and listen obediently to him”. It is very clear what He expects. Remember that this is to be done right after entering the land they have been waiting for 40 years to occupy. The first response probably won’t be to worship, and the second likely not obedience. But that is what God tells them to do. Human nature would probably cause me to run and check out the new place – to hurry along and find out what would all be involved. But we can’t lose sight of what God desires – our worship and obedience. The “me” part – comes after. God is to be the center. He is the source and deserves our focus. Are you putting Him where He belongs – in the center of your worship and obedience?

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