Deuteronomy 25

Deuteronomy 25 talks about how people should handle legal disputes.  There is guidance for responsibility in the family to carry on for a brother who dies.  God always has a deep feeling for the family.  It is core to His design for our world, and sometimes we miss just how important it is to Him.  He often speaks of the responsibilities we have for one another in the family – and how we need to be involved in helping keep the family name alive and prospering.  There is an old song that goes “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”.  Sort of how I think God wants us to feel toward our kin.  It is a blessing to have family.  Sometimes we struggle with it, as it seems we tend to expect more from those who are related to us.  But God designed the world with the family as the central unit for survival and success.  We need to consider if we are doing what we should with our family.  As the saying goes “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives”.  God gives us what we need for family. It is up to us to learn to get along and grow together.

 This chapter also brings out the concept of being “true and honest” with our business dealings.  Ever wrestle with that.  Think of charging a bit more or paying a bit less than is really due.  Do you handle your time honestly?  Do you take things from your boss, or from your customers, that really is not your own.  It seems that many feel that work is a place they can bend or completely ignore what is right.  After all, they deserve this or that and the boss is the enemy.  Or companies feel they can take advantage of customers because they won’t know any different, or they are such a pain in the you know what.  God is clear that we are to avoid “all this corruption in business deals”.  We are to handle our affairs God’s way – fairly and honestly – and realize that He is paying attention and watches our every move.  The other consideration is that our testimony is really tied closely to the way we do business, either as the provider or customer.  The way we act, the way business happens, reflects the impact Jesus is and has had on us.  If we want to shine for Him, we can’t mess around with this area where people see our actions much more loudly than our words.  Are you doing business the way God intends – true and honest – or do you need to make some changes?  He knows.  Time to get it right!

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