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Deuteronomy 22

Deuteronomy 22 has a lot of rule for how people are to live.  There are rules about the way we are to look out for the well being of each other.  When there is lost property or we come upon something that is not our own, we are to take care of it until it can be returned.  There are rules for planting and plowing – some good farm and dirt rules.  God has direction on clothing and how the people were to dress and take care of themselves.  This chapter covers a broad spectrum of areas that impacted living day to day in the real world.  So we should never feel that God doesn’t care about what is happening – he absolutely does.  He cares about the details of life.  He knows the nitty gritty stuff that is happening, and He has a plan for us.

 But the majority of His instruction in this chapter has to do with relationships and specifically around men and women and sex and marriage.  It covers the rules regarding rape and inappropriate sexual relationships.  And God is pretty clear just how seriously He looks at all these areas.  “You must purge evil from among you” and  His idea of purging was to stone people or require certain behaviors.  In several of the scenarios He instructs that after making an incorrect choice and having sex a man was required to “keep her as his wife and can never divorce her”.  Wow.  Can you imagine the screaming if people actually were required to stay married?  I got a great reminder email yesterday that said the issue with marriage today is that we lose sight of the fact that our marriage vows are a covenant to spend the rest of our lives together.  And those should not be taken lightly or broken.  God has that as the foundation for marriage.  How can we take it any other way?  How can we just decide to ignore what has been committed to and go a different way?  God has a number of situations listed in this chapter where divorce is not even an option – it isn’t on the table at all.  And that is really how marriage should be – divorce shouldn’t be the first response when it gets tough – covenant should.  We can learn a lot from God’s truth on the subject of marriage and relationships.  Staying together and working through things is definitely His plan.

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