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Deuteronomy 20

Deuteronomy 20 contains the instructions on how to go to battle.  I love the way God approaches this with the people.  He tells them how they should not act when facing “your enemy and see horses and chariots and soldiers far outnumbering you”.  The odds don’t sound very good do they?  Being overwhelmed with what seems to be the situation is often how life goes.  We feel like we can’t deal with it.  But this passage gives us the short list of how to respond when we are overwhelmed:

  1. Don’t recoil in fear
  2. Don’t waver in resolve
  3. Don’t fear
  4. Don’t hesitate
  5. Don’t panic

Does that describe your approach to an overwhelming situation?  No fear, just trust and action.  It can if we really believe that us plus God always is a majority.  And that is the reality.  God is always enough.  He is always able.  So the real wild card is the “us” in that equation.  Will we show up?  Will we chose to go ahead?  Will we turn and run rather than face things?  God isn’t leaving or running away.  He isn’t hesitating or wondering if He can.  We shouldn’t either.  We need to move forward in obedience to His direction knowing and trusting His leading.  He is able and will do what He says.  Always….every time.

 The chapter also talks about those who are stepping up to battle and have something unfinished or distracting them from being focused.  The officers are instructed to send those people away to deal with the things that are undone rather than take them into battle less than ready.  It is obvious that only those who are ready to serve and be part of the battle are to be in the army.  Distractions are bad when facing difficult battles.  God wants them out of our life before we become part of the troop.  Sometimes we are so interested in getting numbers we don’t focus on the right kind of people.  Does that happen in churches today?  So interested in bringing people in that we fail to make sure they are ready for the battle.  And we are in a battle – a spiritual war between good and evil that requires we show up ready to fight.  But are we going into that battle with only those who are ready to take on the enemy, or are many distracted with things left undone and unprepared to face the attack of the enemy.  I fear that is the case – that our army of good is not really ready to do battle.  That many are not focused on victory but along for the ride.  That doesn’t make a fine tuned army.  We need to get ready to fight.  The battle is real and it is now.  Make sure you are prepared as the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy.  That is his desire for you.

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