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Deuteronomy 16

Deuteronomy 16 talks about the need to remember from where they came from.  The requirement to celebrate the Passover and to spend seven days eating unraised bread along with other things to keep them remembering the past.  I can almost hear the whining as people return to that which sustained them for 40 years wandering on their way to the Promised Land.  But God is big on us remembering.  And I for one am more than willing to admit I am bad about forgetting.  It is so easy to receive His blessing and just move on to the next thing without remembering that blessing even moments later.  We can become so used to His love and touch that we almost take it for granted.  But God desires us to remember, celebrate and rejoice His presence.  He wants us to do it with everyone:  “you, your son, your daughter, your servant, your maid, the Levite who lives in your neighborhood, the foreigner, the orphan and widow among you”.  Passover was not to be a private time, but one where everyone shared the process of remembering together.  So it brings up a couple questions – are you recording God’s blessing in your life so you can share it?  Do you write them down and keep a journal or list that lets you tell others just how God has touched your life? What a powerful testimony to be able to share.  Yet I find that so often when asked about what God has done in someone’s life, the deer in the headlights look shows up.  I know God has been active, because they are still breathing, but it is so sad that we fail to keep track so we can remember.  Maybe folks have a few biggies they can recite, but what about yesterday?  How did God work in your life yesterday? 

The other question that comes to mind is really around considering where we would be today without God.  Scripture asks this question: “Don’t forget that you were once a slave in Egypt”.  I have commented before that it seems hard to fathom that these people could forget the difficult circumstances they lived in for many years, but they seemed able to do just that.  It is much harder to remember once you are a generation or two removed from the actual situation.  Yet God does want us to remember His goodness and power over time too.  Not just what He does for us today, but what He did for mankind over time.  That means we need to read and study and understand how God has moved and worked in the past.  We need to learn it and teach it so we know.  We need to all remember how we were all once a slave to sin until the blood of Jesus set us free.  We need to share that experience freely with those around us.  We need to remember just how pathetic our life was before Jesus came in and redeemed our souls.  Have you shared your story with anyone lately – maybe ever?  Part of remembering is to tell the stories and share the reality of what God has done.  What does your testimony sound like?  If you haven’t written it out, that is a great place to start.  Record it for the generations to follow.  It is a legacy that can impact many for eternity.  Write it down and then share it.  Let God do the rest!

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