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Deuteronomy 13

Deuteronomy 13 talks about how we need to stay very carefully on course with God.  Scripture tells us that we will be challenged in our love and devotion for Him.  Others will come and attempt to pull us off course.  They will try and get us to follow other gods.  They will encourage us to walk away and focus on self rather than the One true God we know.  We will be tested to see “if you totally love Him with everything you have in you”.  So what about that question?  Do you totally love Him?  Above all else?  With all that is in you?  A pretty tall order indeed, but that is what God desires and actually expects.  He is all we need, and really all we truly have that we can depend upon.  He alone is worthy of our praise and adoration.  He alone is the Creator and Maker of all things.  He alone is the Master of this universe and in control of every minute and detail.  So how can we not give Him our total love?  The answer is our own selfish attitude and thinking that somehow the world actually revolves around ourselves.  Me, myself and I get in the way of truly loving God.  And that is a slippery and dangerous slope.

 In case you wonder what God’s expectations are around loving Him – He made it pretty simple to understand because He wrote it for us: “You are to follow only GOD, your God, hold him in deep reverence, keep his commandments, listen obediently to what he says, serve him–hold on to him for dear life”!  If we break this down, it is pretty clear what He wants from us:

  1. He wants us to follow Him
  2. He demands being our only God
  3. He wants it personal – He is to be our God
  4. He expects us to hold Him in deep reverence
  5. He wants obedience
  6. He wants us to listen to what He says
  7. He expects us to serve Him
  8. He wants us to hold on to Him for dear life

What a list He gives us – makes it really clear and also gives us a whole lot of confidence that we have a God that is not only worthy, but more than able to take care of us.  Are you following God this way?  Is He your life?  He is more than enough, more than able, more than we need.  He is our God and we need to be in very deep and consistent relationship with Him. He loves us beyond what we deserve.  How do you love Him?

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