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Deuteronomy 10

Moses continues to recap the history lesson and answers a very important question for us. “What do you think God expects from us”? Have you thought about that? What is it that God expects from you? He has some asks and some expectations. And the answer begins with “Just this”. I love that – short and sweet – simple response that lays it all out. Here is what God expects:

1. “Live in His presence in holy reverence

2. Follow the road He sets out for you

3. Love Him

4. Serve God with everything you have in you

5. Obey the commandments and regulations

6. Live a good life”

It really isn’t rocket science. We have seen these simple truths and expectations over and over in these chapters of the law. God wants our obedience. He wants our love. He expects our service. God is in control and wants us to know it.

The chapter also reminds us on this important truth: “Everything is God’s”. Gets back to that ownership thing. We don’t own anything really. It is all His, we are His stewards, and it all belongs to our God. The reality is that we seem to forget that truth a bit too often, so it is reinforced over and over in scripture. And this passage tells us what to do with our forgetful approach to thinking we actually own something: “So cut away the thick calluses from your heart and stop being so willfully hardheaded”. Hmmm….calluses….hardheaded….I may resemble that a bit. We do tend to get on our own boat and think we actually are steering and own the ship. But reality is just around the corner and we need to get there sooner than later. God is not amused with our attempts to pretend we actually are something important. He created it all, He owns it all, and He will take it all. Our best use of energy is to acknowledge that, accept it completely and then follow His direction on how we should use His stuff for His glory. Are you there? Time to take a look at the heart and head and see if you need to have some surgery done. It will happen – God will get us to realize and believe it at some point – the best way is to do it now and let Him use you as His steward to make a difference for Him today!

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