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Deuteronomy 9

Deuteronomy 9 is on the very edge of crossing the Jordan to take the land that God has promised. Moses tells them that God is “crossing the river before them” and will be destroying their enemies. It is important to note that this place was filled with cities “with sky high fortress walls” and “gigantic people”. It is no little deal that God is going to do here. Moses makes it very clear that they were to obey completely – to “know this and don’t forget it”. Moses wants to remember just how “hardheaded, hardhearted rebels” they were. They had “refused to trust Him…wouldn’t obey Him”. They were on their own mission and doing their own things. They didn’t pay any attention to God but rather had “gone off and made for themselves a cast god”. Bad decision that caused God to be angry and to threaten to destroy them. Do you “leave the road that God laid out for you” and do it your way. That is not the road to happiness and success, but certainly may be the road to destruction. The issue was rebellion, and the people had that down pretty well.

Moses wrestled with their actions many times over the last 40 years. He had to intercede for them often, and put himself between the people and God’s wrath. It is a clear definition of intercession – getting between God and another. How it happened over and over is certainly not something that makes sense, but it did and Moses did intercede each time. So the people are at the waters edge ready to go over. The odds on paper look overwhelmingly against them. Fortified cities, giants, lots of enemies. But the one equalizer that puts it over the top each time is God. He alone can handle the issue and tells them how it will happen – that He will go before them and “destroy the nations”. God is able, and if we only get the trust and obey thing down, life would go a whole lot smoother. So what about you and the giants you are facing. Will you continue to let them keep you at bay, or will you turn them over to God and just trust and obey. There really is no other way. He wants to cross ahead of you and do battle on your behalf. We just need to let Him and then follow in obedience. Time to get with that program today!

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