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Deuteronomy 8

Deuteronomy 8 is a chapter that really puts life in perspective. Moses is recalling the way the people are to live. “Keep and live out the entire commandment”. I think it is important to note that word “entire”. Doing most of it, or some of it, won’t cut it. Obedience is really an all or nothing thing. Close doesn’t count here. We either are obedient, or we are disobedient. It isn’t like hand grenades where close is good enough. God expects complete obedience. The scripture goes on to tell us to “remember every road”. That word has been used may times in God’s Word and it is really an important part of our march toward maturity. Pay attention to what God says here: “He put you through hard times. He made you hungry. Then He fed you with manna…”. Did you catch that. The manna didn’t come til the people were hungry. God didn’t respond until there was a felt need. We often want to avoid any discomfort at all. God can’t you just provide whatever will take away the circumstances before they ever happen? But the reason why it won’t be that way is clear: “so you would learn that men and women don’t live by bread only, we live by every word that comes from God’s mouth”. Sound familiar? Jesus quoted those words when tempted by the devil. God puts us through tough times to keep us growing and connected. But as He does that, He also equips us to live successfully. Do you remember that “Your clothes didn’t wear out and your feet didn’t blister those forty years”. Talk about a miracle – the people wandered for 40 years and never had to get new clothes or have blisters on their feet.

The chapter also goes on to make this statement which caught my attention: “After a meal, satisfied, bless GOD”. I had never really thought about doing it that way. We stop to ask God’s blessing before a meal, but how often to I thank Him after I finish. Right behind that admonition it says “make sure you don’t forget God”. What a better way to make that reality than to connect with Him after every meal. That happens at least three times a day for most of us. And if we actually do stop and bless Him, it will be a lot more connection than many of us have on a regular basis. This chapter tells us why remembering is so important. “Make sure you don’t become so full of yourself and your things that you forget GOD”. We can tend to get full of ourselves pretty easily. We think the world starts revolving around us, and than everything is under our control. It just isn’t so. The world does not revolve around you or me. There is only one Person in the center, and we best not forget it. That word remember is there for a reason. Because God alone is in the middle. It is not about you or me, it is all about Him. And when we forget that, trouble is ahead. Scripture tells us it will be “the end of you” if we fail to keep God where He belongs. He is a jealous God. He does not share that spot with anyone or anything else. Who is the center of your life? Is it you? If so, look out. God isn’t going to take kindly to that attitude. Our life has to revolve around Him, not the other way around. Is God where He belongs in your life?

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