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Dueteronomy 2

Deuteronomy 2 contains more history of Moses and the people on their way to the Promised Land.  Stories of the countries they traveled through, and those they conquered.  God sometimes told them to just pass without doing any harm, and in other cases, He handed over the land to them along their path.  It is quite a story of God’s direction and His faithfulness to His people.  Moses was very tuned in – he listened well and led the people in total obedience.  Hard to imagine just passing through when he knew they could take the land – for 40 years he led them that way.  I love how God points out truth when He says “you’ve been going around in circles in these hills for long enough” and He sends them on their way.  You ever feel like you are wandering around in circles – unsure where to go next?  Often we do that when we try and run our life in our own strength and with our own power.  We can’t figure out which way to go, so we just go in circles and keep coming back to the same problems and issues over and over again.  Certainly gets frustrating, but Moses showed us how to fix it.  He sought God and listened.  Quietly, continually, persistently – he listened and then obeyed.  That is how we get off the circular path we may be on and get onto the straight path that God has for our life.  Are you listening?  “Be still and know”.

 There is another key truth here that applies as well.  God says “you haven’t lacked one thing”.  Now that is up for debate according to the people because they complained and whined much of their 40 year journey.  Not enough water, the food was bad, the trip long and on they went.  This is where it gets down to the nitty gritty of wants vs needs.  We want a whole lot of things, but God is not in the want business.  He is in meeting our needs and actually not giving us all we want.  We don’t really even know what is good for us.  But He does, and He knows how it will impact our life and what our reaction will be over time.  So thankfully He doesn’t give us all we want, just like we as parents don’t give our kids all they want.  It isn’t good for anyone.  We have to learn that and live that way.  We have to realize that God meets needs and we need to pray that way.  If we don’t we will fall into the same complain and whine trap the people of Israel did.  And we know that God is not pleased with that.  He despises the whining and complaining.  So focus on needs, not wants, and be grateful that He faithfully meets them every day.  We may think we don’t have much, but spend some time in a third world country and recognize just how blessed we are.  Probably too blessed.  Thank God for His love and faithfulness.

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