Dueteronomy 1

Dueteronomy 1 begins a summary of the things of Moses.  This chapter recalls some of the key things that Moses and the People of Israel have experienced.  Much of it deals with the travel to the Promised Land, and then the mistake made there when the people became frightened and failed to trust God in taking the land.  Moses had led them slowly and steadily to the boundary, and then sent in 12 spies to check it out.  You remember the story.  They came back and 10 of them said no – too many giants – we can’t do it.  Of course they missed the real truth.  If God is for us, if it is His plan, then we cannot possibly fail.  They missed His Word: “Look, I’ve given you this land. Now go in and take it”.  God spoke it, and they “rebelled against God”.  It boiled down to this reality: “now that you’re here, you won’t trust God”.  The truth is we all face a lot of giants in our lives.  The question is – how will we deal with them?  Will we let God lead us and be willing to follow Him even when it may seem overwhelming?  Or will we listen to that voice that tells us we can’t do it?

 There is a great book out called “The Dreamgiver” by Bruce Wilkinson that talks about the stages of life and how we achieve our dreams. The lessons he shares are powerful truths about how we progress from the birth of a dream to overcoming and achieving it.  Part of that process is to deal with the giants in life.  There will always be some – a mountain that seems too high to climb – a valley that seems too deep to cross – there are roadblocks at every turn it seems.  But those things only matter if we are facing them on our own strength and with our own power.  The wildcard we have is God.  He is not limited by giants or anything for that matter.  God is not intimidated by the circumstances.  He will overcome.  The only question is will we continue on so He can?  Or will we stop and turn back because it seems overwhelming.  That is what happened to the people of Israel, and God was angry about their lack of faith.  They blew it – and it cost an entire generation their promise.  “…all these little kids who right now don’t even know right from wrong–they’ll get in. I’ll give it to them” was His response to the grown ups at the time.  If you won’t trust me, I will just give it to your kids.  What a miss.  The bummer is that Moses got punished the same, along with his disobedience in striking the rock rather than speaking to it.  We need to pay attention to God’s instruction on what He wants us to “take” for the Kingdom.  He has a plan for each of us to do exactly that.  We need to be obedient and trust Him as we go!

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