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Numbers 23

Balak now asks Balaam to seek God and hopefully curse Moses and his people.  So altars are built, sacrifices made and Balaam goes and gets alone with God.  God met him and gave him His words.  Balaam comes back and gives God’s message – that these people are blessed of God.  In fact Balaam says “I want to die like these right living people.  I want an end just like theirs”.  God had revealed how blessed the people of Israel were, and Balaam wants that blessing too.  He cannot curse what God has blessed.  So Balak is irritated and decides to take Balaam to another location to look over less of the people and hopefully curse the fringes.  He isn’t getting the answer he wanted so he is asking for another opinion or attempt.  Isn’t that human nature?  God gives an answer and if it isn’t what we wanted to hear, we ask again or more likely ask somewhere else.  That is not the way it should work.  If God says it, it isn’t going to change because we ask again.  Sure we can go find a different answer from another source, but it won’t be God’s answer and it won’t come true.  Only God’s truth is going to happen.

 Balaam goes along with Balak’s second ask and they look over the outskirts of the camps and then Balaam goes off to get God’s message again.  This time it is a bit stronger response: “God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? Does he promise and not come through? I was brought here to bless; and now he’s blessed–how can I change that”?  Balak wanted to have Balaam curse Israel, but Balaam finds out that God’s plan for his long trip to see the people of Israel was to bless them.  Now that is a pretty big turn of events.  God makes it clear through Balaam that He isn’t swayed by man, and His mind doesn’t change like the wind.  His Word is truth and it comes through.  He does what He says and it never fails.  Balak still is not content and asks Balaam to take another look and seek God again.  He just isn’t giving up.  He knows if the people are blessed by God he and his army will be no match.  He will be toast.  So he persists again to get Balaam to take a third look.  His ask now is not that Balaam curse them but at least that he doesn’t bless them.  What a revolting development.  He brought this prophet all this way to get a curse and now it is on the verge of a blessing to the threat.  We will find out in the next chapter how try three goes down.  But the key is to realize that God is consistent, His truth happens, and we need to embrace it because it isn’t changing to fit our situation or desires.  God is not man, and He does what He says!

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