Leviticus 16

 Leviticus 16 talks about the direction God gave to Aaron through Moses on how to approach Him.  It seems that Aaron needed to understand just how to enter the Holy of Holies so as to not enter “whenever he feels like it”.  There obviously is a very special way to approach God, who was in there, as he was “present in the Cloud”.  Makes me wonder just how we should approach God.  Because of Jesus we have free and constant access to the Father through Him, but I do wonder if things wouldn’t be more effective if we followed some of the things that God instructs Aaron to do.  Here are some of the “standard practice…perpetual ordinance” instructions that God gives Moses to share with Aaron:

  1. Bathe and prepare
  2. Put on the holy wardrobe
  3. Offer and sacrifice
  4. Burn incense on the fire
  5. Sprinkle the blood
  6. Make atonement for sin
  7. Fast
  8. Refrain from work
  9. Be the only one in the tent

Scripture tells us that Aaron was to make atonement for “himself, his household, and the whole community”.  There was a lot to do before he could enter to be in God’s presence.  Sometimes I take that privilege a bit too lightly I think.  I treat God like He is just sitting there waiting for me to lob a prayer request His way whenever it enters my mind. 

 One key thing this chapter tells us also is the importance of obedience.  Check out how Aaron responds to what Moses tells him: “Aaron did it, just as GOD commanded Moses”.   If you have a brother your relationship may lead to responses differently than this.  It is one thing to do what God says, but to do what your brother tells you as part of that obedience may make it more difficult?  Anyway Aaron does it God’s way and learns how to approach God.  I am reminded of something I learned while in the BSU ministry at Iowa State many years ago – called the Prayer Hand illustration – that talks about the ways we can approach God.

A – Adoration

C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S – Supplication

I – Intercession

Consider each of these areas one of the fingers on your hand, and leverage these areas of prayer as you reach out to the Father.  We could spend time on each, but the key is that we approach God not as our prayer puppet, but in reverence and with awe.  We serve a mighty God and we need to treat Him as such.

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