Leviticus 15

Leviticus 15 gets right down to the personal stuff.  God doesn’t leave any stone unturned in talking to His people about how to live.  This chapter deals with “the procedures to follow for a man with a discharge or an emission of semen that makes him unclean, and for a woman in her menstrual period–any man or woman with a discharge and also for a man who sleeps with a woman who is unclean”.  Wow – God gets right down to the nitty gritty here as He addresses the reality of life.  Isn’t this a bit overkill?  Not really.  God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, even what happens in the bedroom or behind closed doors.  He cares about all areas of our lives, and has a standard for us to live within.  The thing to remember is that even things unseen, as talked about here, were enough to make people “ritually unclean” and cause the need for purification and sacrifice.  Some of us may think that this is personal stuff and shouldn’t really be talked about.  That is also the way a lot of people want to treat sin.  What happens behind closed doors doesn’t really matter.  It doesn’t affect anyone but me.  Looking at that inappropriate material on the computer doesn’t hurt anybody, does it?  Wrong answer my friends.  It all matters in God’s economy.  How we live makes a difference for today and for eternity.  And the fact that God gets down to this level of detail in how He gives instruction to His people should make that very clear.  God cares what we do and how we live.  He doesn’t excuse anything, no matter how private you think it may be.  God’s concern for how we live touches every area of our lives.

 So how are you doing in keeping your personal life pure and free from the things that cause us to be “unclean” – which for us today is sin?  Are you walking in the light so that others can help keep you accountable?  Do you share with a small group of accountability partners who have been granted access to your life to keep you focused and on track?  Or are you deceiving yourself that what happens in private doesn’t really matter?  Don’t for a minute think you are getting away with anything.  God doesn’t miss even the smallest of sins.  He can’t, nor can he ignore them.  He has created His Body as a place for us to become part of a community of fellow believers who are struggling with the exact same things so we can help one another walk toward holiness together.  But that only works if we get involved and are willing to “get naked” with that small group of accountability partners we all need to have.  It means we have to be transparent and show our warts.  We have to be willing to be humble and admit we don’t have it all together.  But it is the design of God’s church and we all need to be living it.  Are you focused on getting and staying clean?  God desires that from us!

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