Leviticus 14

Leviticus 14 deals with a couple kinds of uncleanness and God’s instruction to Moses and Aaron on how to deal with them both.  The first continues the discussion from the prior chapters about unclean people – “the infected person…with a serious skin disease”.  Most likely referring to leprosy here, a very serious condition and one considered a contagious disease at the time.  God has a very specific set of instructions on how priests were to handle these people and the process of sacrifice and restoration to the community.  But the reality is that all of us are unclean, and we need to be cleansed of sin in our lives.  Fortunately God has made the process pretty straight forward for us today if we want to be cleansed and set free from the things that keep us out of God’s community and family headed for eternity – which is sin.  We have to confess, repent, receive and confess again – at least those are some of the steps to cleansing. 

  • Scripture tells us to confess our sins – we have to be willing to admit we have fallen short of God’s standard and we need forgiveness. 
  • Scripture tells us we need to repent – which is to turn and go the other way – to stop our sinful behavior and put on a new way. 
  • Scripture tells us we have to receive the sacrifice that was provided to pay for our sin – a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that went to the cross to provide a way for us to be set free. 
  • Scripture tells us we need to confess that Jesus is Lord of our life – we need to tell people that we have a Savior and have been cleansed and set free.

 There are probably some other things I missed here, but bottom line is we need to cleanse ourselves of sin and be set free to be part of the community, just like this process in Leviticus.  The chapter also deals with “fungus…in the house” and the process of cleansing the home from this issue that caused it to be unclean.  What fungus do you have in your home?  Movies you shouldn’t have, Internet sites that are not appropriate, magazines or pictures that shouldn’t be there – what are your dark places and closets filled with.  We need to cleanse our homes of things that cause us to be tempted and separated from God.  We too often have junk that is just a distraction and causes us to waste time or spend it on things that have no value other than cause our precious 168 hours each week to vanish.  What is the fungus in your home that needs to be cleansed?  I know there is something in every person’s home that needs to be dealt with.  God’s response to a home where the fungus continued to grow was that it “has to be demolished…removed to the garbage dump outside the city”.  Pretty serious stuff when a home was unclean.  How about your home?  Is it clean (not physically although I am sure God is ok with that too) and free from the things that cause us to be separated from God – things that lead us to sin.  Take a look around and decide what needs to go to the garbage dump today!

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