Leviticus 12-13

In Leviticus 12 and 13 God gets into the details of a number of health areas.  He begins with direction for mothers who have given birth.  They are to stay home for 40 days if they have a baby boy, or 80 days if they have a girl.  I am not sure what the difference is here between giving birth to the two different sexes, but God is very clear that there is a plan.  Don’t think for a minute that He is not a God of details.  He goes on to deal with a number of skin diseases and issues.  There are detailed instructions for the priests on how to examine and make diagnosis  around the different things that may occur.  Some are to be called unclean, some just a short issue.  Seems like some of this could be good training for medical students today.  The text is very detailed and clear in how these should all be diagnosed and treated.  He gets into rashes and boils and fungus and many other things.  The instructions tell people how to treat things, what to wash and how to live.  Bottom line is that God knows how we are created and is the Great Physician.  He gets the human body because He created it.

 There also is a section in these chapters dealing with baldness.  And white or yellow hair….seems like God is in the weeds here but the reality is that He is intimately acquainted and cares about us.  As scripture tells us elsewhere, He knows the number of hairs on our head.  He is a God of detail and has direction for us in every area of life – even health areas.  Sometimes we don’t take the care of our body seriously enough.  We lose track of the fact that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and needs to be cared for as such.  God does care how we live and treat our body.  He wants us to live right and be healthy.  And part of the responsibility of the priests were to assist in those areas.  Aaron’s job just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I thought handling all the sacrifices and rituals was a big deal, now he is playing doctor as well.   Are you taking care of your body in a way that brings glory to God?  If not, time to get with the program.  God does care!

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