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Leviticus 8

Leviticus 8 is the story of the ordination of Aaron and the other priests who will be serving in the Tent of Meeting.  “God spoke to Moses” and Moses did exactly what he was told.  He called “the entire congregation” together and they “gathered at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting”.  This is where the ordination takes place and all the people are there to watch it.  Moses washes Aaron and the boys, and then they sacrifice a bull and a couple rams.  The blood is used to anoint the altar and the priest and prepare them for service to God.  Sacrifices are offered and burned upon the altar and Moses leads the activity that purifies these men and prepares them to serve the people and God. 

But it doesn’t end with the days activities.  Moses instructs Aaron and the other priests to stay inside the Tent of Meeting for “seven days to complete your ordination”.  This is a long process and one that they had to fulfill.  It is serious business because Moses tells them that it is “what God requires, lest you die”.  No messing around here.  They had to stay put for seven days and fulfill the ordination process.  It is important for us to understand that God’s directions are not mere suggestions.  Failure to comply and obey have consequences.  He states it well here: “this is what I have been commanded”.  Moses makes it clear and the penalty for failing is extreme.  So how are you doing in the obedience category?  Are you listening to God’s direction and following it completely.  There is a price for failing to obey.  Life matters – how we live makes a difference – failing to obey has a consequence.  Are you walking with God, or just taking a chance on the consequences of your actions.  That is like playing Russian Roulette with bullets in all the chambers.  You will pay a price for choosing to be disobedient.

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