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Exodus 36

Exodus 36 returns to details on the construction of the Temple.  Bezalel and Oholiab were the craftsmen in charge, and they were told to bring together “everyone whom God has given the skill and know how” and get to work.  Craftsmanship and skills are often not really considered gifts from God by many.  We want to talk about the spiritual gifts but often ignore the fact that God has also given us other gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities.  Those are almost as varied as the people whom God has given them to.  God created the heavens and earth with a whole lot of diversity and wonder.  He did the same in how He created you and me in this area too – we have a lot of talent and skill that wasn’t just randomly given with no purpose or reason.  Just as God owns all the money and stuff in the world, we need to recognize that God should own our talents and abilities too.  He didn’t’ give them to us for our own use or to keep them on a shelf hidden from others.  God gives us gifts for the purpose of enhancing and benefiting His body.  He equips us to be able to serve.  And we need to use those things to do exactly that – to see where God is calling us to put the gifts to work He has entrusted to us.  Often I find myself asking God to help me do something that I am not really all that gifted in.  And immediately the question in my mind is – why would God gift me elsewhere when I have not used that which He has already given me to the fullest.  We need to be faithful in how we use our gifts, talents and abilities for Him.

 Also in this chapter, we see something that seldom seems to happen from my perspective.  Moses had called on the people to bring their tithes and offerings to fund the building of the Temple.  The “people kept on bringing in their freewill offerings” and believe it or not, Moses had to shut them off.  They had all they needed and he instructs them to stop.  “No more offerings…..enough and more than enough”.  Wow – that is the kind of sacrificial giving that makes God smile. Can you imagine any ministry or church stating they didn’t want any further gifts or donations – they had all they needed.  I don’t ever remember hearing that anywhere in my lifetime.  Yet Moses has to shut down the giving, at least temporarily, as they had all they could use to build the Temple.  He turns the focus on getting the work done and completing the assignment God had given.  God provided more than enough even to this people who was wandering in the wilderness on the way to the promised land.  He has plenty for us to give in every situation, if we realize it is all His and are obedient in how we manage what He has entrusted to us.  God never runs out of resources.  He owns them all.  The key question is what are we doing with what God has allowed us to manage for Him?

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