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Exodus 31

 Exodus 31 contains a couple interesting things.  God begins by telling Moses about Bezalel, son of Uri, who has been “personally chosen” by Him to lead the craftsmen in the work ahead.  Bezalel has also been provided a helpver, Oholiab, who is “to work with him”.  God has a plan for how the work will be done.  He says “I’ve given the skills” and “filled him with the Spirit of God”.  There will be no struggle to get the work done.  God is the giver of skill and talent.  I love the saying from Andy Stanley – “what God originates, God will orchestrate”.  That is so very true.  God doesn’t give us an assignement that He does not also provide the skills and ability to complete.  And the building of the temple is no different.  God has gifted each of us to do His work.  We just need to plug into what God is doing and use those skills to His glory.


The second half of the chapter is more challenging for me.  God talks about the Sabbath and His requirement that we keep it.  “Above all, keep my Sabbaths, the sign between me and you, generation after generation”.  How do you do in keeping the Sabbath.  “Keep the Sabbath; it’s holy to you”.  I struggle here and am certainly not clear on what this means today.  First there is the question of when the Sabbath is – and then the what can I do on it.  God says “there are six days for work”.  After all, He created all of creation in 6 days.  You would think I could get my piddly little piece done in 6 days each week.  The Sabbath is “a fixed sign” between us and God.  And He was serious about it saying “anyone who works on it….will most certainly be put to death”.  That really is a pretty strong feeling God has about the Sabbath and our need to keep it holy.  I am confident that God wants more time with us, that we need to avoid the hustle and bustle on His day and be in relationship with Him.  Beyond that I am not sure what the direction should be.  I know that in my short lifetime there has been a significant move away from keeping that day separate and holy.  For many it has become just another day in the week.  I am confident that is not His plan.  “On the seventh day, He stopped and took a long, deep breath”.  Have you done that lately, and just marveled in the amazing creation that our Creator put here.  We need to get into His presence and enjoy His awesomeness!

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