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Exodus 30

Exodus 30 continues the instruction for how God expects Aaron and team to serve as priests in the Temple.  God wants incense “always burning”.  That is another one of those directives that leaves no room for interpretation.  Always is always.  Morning til night, 24/7/365, God wanted a sweet fragrance.  He also tells Aaron to purify the Altar horns “once a year”.  As I pondered that, it was seemingly more difficult than the always command.  Aaron didn’t have an outlook calendar that would pop up when it was the day to do this task.  It is very specific and time sensitive.  God really is a God of details.


This chapter also talks about a tax for the first time – the atonement tax.  “God spoke to Moses” and explained that he was to collect “a half-shekel” from everyone – rich or poor – if you were 20 years old or more you needed to pay this tax.  It was to be “the atonement tax for your lives” and was to be used for “the maintenance of the Tent of Meeting”.  So God has been talking with Aaron through much of these last chapters dealing with the specifics of the priesthood.  Now He talks to Moses about action tht needs to be done by all.  It is clear to see the separation of power here.  Aaron is responsible for the priests, Moses for the people.  I also love what God says about the concoction He instructs Moses to create – a special anointing oil.  “Consecrate them so they’ll be soaked in holiness”.  I love that idea.  To be “soaked in holiness”.  Are you like that?  Are you covered with God’s holiness in your life?  Do you live in a way that God leaks out and others see His holiness through your life?  We are called to be holy – to be set apart – to be peculiar people that are different.  Are you?  The chapter ends with a warning that anyone who “copies it for personal use will be excommunicated”.  God does not do things so we can take them for our own personal gain.  God is not in the business of “me” but rather “thee”.  Sometimes we treat Him like our personal butler or Jeanie.  Not how this works.  God is God of all.  He does what is best for all His people – and is not setting things up for my personal gain.  What a surprise to some….who think God is all about them.  God loves us individually.  God wants us to live abundantly.  But His purpose is not my personal happiness.  His purpose is to be holy and God of all.  He is the great I AM.

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