Exodus 28

 Exodus 28 moves from the physical building to the attire.  It is dress code time for Aaron and the rest who will be serving in the Temple.  God continues to call for skilled craftsmen – “those I have gifted” to do the work.  He wants the clothing that will be worn to be exactly to His specifications – which are extremely detailed – and made from the finest of resources.  No skimping here.  God wants the priests dressed appropriately to enter His presence.  He misses no detail as He gives instructions for the creation of “Breastpiece, Ephod, robe, woven tunic, turban, sash”.  Don’t tell me that God doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff.  All the more reason why we don’t need to sweat it – God has that covered too.  He knows every detail and is in control of them all. 


The instructions are not just for creating the clothing and accessories that are needed, but also how and when to wear them.  God gives Aaron specific instructions to wear the “breastplate of judgement over his heart”.  He is told to always have it on when he comes “into the presence of God”. About the Ephod – “Aaron has to wear it when he does his priestly work”.  God has a dress code for Aaron and the boys when they serve him.  Down to the what and how to wear it.  There are expectations and rules here.  God wants consistency and obedience.  In the message – it even describes a few other pieces – “turban, tunic, underwear”.  Now I never recall reading the word underwear before, but I have no doubt that God invented it and cares about us down to that level.  He even gets specific there telling us that it should go from “waist to thigh”.  God cares about everything.  He is in the little stuff just as much as He is in the big stuff of our lives.  The problem is we don’t even give Him a thought when we aren’t in trouble or need. We just do the rest all on our own.  But God has a plan, He has an interest, and we need to be tuned in to Him 24/7, not just when we face a crisis or major decision.  This chapter like the few before, should make it clear that God is into details and wants to be involved in every detail of our lives.  He cares, He is interested, He has a plan.  Are you willing to let Him in to the closets of your life?  He already knows what is there.  Don’t think for  a minute you are hiding anything, no matter how small.  God knows.

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