Exodus 26

Exodus 26 continues God’s instructions for construction.  He is very specific down to the inch what should happen.  The counts are exact and the directions very detailed.  Don’t tell me that God is not interested in details.  He always has been and always will be.  He is paying attention to all the little things in our lives.  He knows what is happening in our homes and businesses.  He is not surprised. 


It is important to note that God calls for “skilled craftsman” to do the work.  Another aspect of God’s character is that He appreciates skill and quality.  Sometimes our nature is to give God less than the best isn’t it?  We give God the left overs in life.  Left over money, left over time, left over energy…..if there is anything left we feel it is ok to give it to God.  But God desires the first of all we are given.  And that involves our talents and skills along with our money and time.  God wants us to use the gifts He has given us to matter in His Kingdom.  They are given first for Kingdom business, then for other things.  We miss that some days.  We think God gifted us so we can feel good about ourselves.  Or that it is for our own enjoyment and benefit.  Not exactly the purpose.  God gives us gifts so we can serve – first Him and then others – and then we can enjoy for ourselves.  Not the other way around.   How do you spend your skills and talents?  Do they go to serve God first?  Or does He just get the leftovers?

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