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Exodus 24

Exodus 24 continues the story of Moses and God’s commandments. God tells him to “climb the mountain” – he with Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and 70 of the elders. That is quite a bunch of folks. Remember Moses a few chapters ago. It was him and him. He was leading and running the show by himself. He had Aaron to help with speaking, Joshua to lead the troops, but basically it was a three man band. Now he has a batch of men who are climbing the mountain with him. What a change since Jethro gave him counsel and he followed it. Moses goes and “wrote it all down”. Is this the first time we see journaling happening? All journaling is really involved writing things down. Things God gives to us, things we observe through reading the scriptures, prayers and worship – just capturing that on paper or electronically. It is an important thing to help us remember. Moses took the “Book of the Covenant and read it”. He didn’t keep the information to himself, he shared it with all the people. Of course, they give the standard response of “everything God said, we’ll do”. Ever heard that before? Ever said that? Of course part of the purpose of the law is to show us we cannot possibly do that and we need a savior. But they listen and try to commit to perfection.

The chapter goes on to again talk about the batch of men that Moses takes with him up the mountain. They didn’t actually go to the same place that Moses was, right in God’s presence, but they were with him for the climb. We need folks like that in our life. They come along side us and help us keep moving onward and upward. The Message calls them “pillar-leaders”. I love that picture. We need pillars of godly people surrounding us on every side but they have to be more than just someone taking up space and standing idly by as we work to serve God. They have to be leaders as well, to push us forward toward the goal of reaching God. What a perfect description of what God calls us to be in so many ways. Wives are called to be “helpmeets” for their husbands. We are called to “go and make disciples”. “The first shall be last”. Scripture is full of illustrations of how we are to come along side and support, but also to come along side and serve and lead. Who are the pillar-leaders in your life? And equally as important is who fills that role in your life? Are you coming alongside someone who is climbing toward God to help them and enable them to reach Him? And are you letting some folks fill that role for you? As is always the case, God invented the body of Christ for a reason and this is yet another one. We need to be, and find, pillar-leaders in our lives. Moses was there for 40 days and 40 nights. No trivial meeting with God this time.

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